AutoMotorLube Pre-Oil System
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Motor Pre-Oil Kit For All Auto Boat Truck Motors


                 All internal combustion motors have a design flaw!

The crankshaft drives the motor oil pump that pressurizes the lubrication system. And every time the motor is started, several hundred revolutions of the crankshaft occur before pressurized oil is present to lubricate the bearings.

This design flaw results in dry bearing abrasion each and every time the motor or engine is started. If this could be prevented up to 60% of the total motor bearing wear would be eliminated.

With the AutoMotorLube system installed, filtered oil is stored in the accumulator tank ready to pressurize the main bearings, rod bearings, camshaft bearings, hydraulic timing chain adjusters, piston pin bushings, piston rings, and hydraulic valve lifters before the first revolution of the crankshaft.

When the ignition key is turned on the low oil pressure light will go out and the pressure gauge will start to register oil pressure before the starter engages or any harm can be done to the Motor! 

The accumulator tank is connected to the engine oil gallery with a hydraulic hose where the oil pressure-sending unit enters the block.

When the engine is running the the storage tank is filled with pressurized oil making it ready for the next start-up.

The next time you turn the key on oil is instantly returned to the oil galley to pressurize it just as though the oil pump was running. 

Thereby completely eliminating all of the wear due to dry bearing abrasion!

The Insta-Lube kit includes an aluminum storage tank, solenoid valve, mounting brackets, hydraulic hose, pipe fittings, wiring, and fuse taps.

Marine grade hardware and fittings ideal for all Auto Engines, Boat Engines, Car Engines, Truck Engines, Tractor Engines, Suv Engines, Motor Home Engines, Marine Engines and Marine Inboard Engines. 

If this engine was protected with an Insta-Lube pre-lube kit the "Cold  Start" damage to the rod bearings and main bearings would never occur.  
Complete Kit Only $269.95

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