AutoMotorLube Pre-Oil System
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Motor Pre Oil Kit-Frequent Questions

Click Picture For Video Of Installation/Operation Of  Insta-Lube B-Kit 

Q: I have a 1956 Cadillac Coupe Deville and I want to keep the same engine appearance; can the tank be mounted remotely? 

A: No problem, the storage tank can be installed in any position and the hose is long enough to place the tank and valve out of site so everything looks stock. 

Q: I am rebuilding a 350 Chevy and will install the kit; can the tank be filled with oil ready to prelube the very first startup? 

A: Yes the Accumulator can be filled with oil ready to pre lube the engine for the first time.  

Q: Its a well known fact that a great deal of Engine Bearing Wear  is at startup, so why don't the manufactures address the problem? 

A: The engine manufactures are in business to sell as many engines as possible not to make them last forever.  

Q: Will the Insta-Lube kit work on my motor home? 

A: All Cars, trucks, suvs, vans, motor homes, boats, tractors, stationary engines and motors will benefit the same with the Insta-Lube System. 

Q: How good is the Insta-Lube Pre Lube System in cold weather? 

A: This is an area that is especially important as a lot of wear takes place on cold startups, our customers in Iceland really appreciate their Insta-Lube kits.  

Q: How difficult is the Insta-Lube Pre Lube kit to install? 

A: There are 3 easy steps to install the Insta-Lube Kit.

Q: Will installing the kit void my engine warranty?

A: No problem, installing the Insta-Lube kit won't affect your warranty, it's the same as adding an oil cooler or remote oil filter. 

Q: I have a 1951 Pontiac that uses a 6-volt electrical system will the pre-luber work on it? 

A: Yes the Insta-Lube kit will work on all 6-volt 12-volt and 24-volt systems. 

Q: Is the oil that is stored in the accumulator tank filtered oil? 

A: Yes, only pre-filtered oil from the engine oil gallery is stored for pre-lubing the engine the next time you turn the key on.

Q: I am using an oil additive 
that is supposed to eliminate wear on start up so why would I need to install Insta-Lube System? 

A: There are a lot of oil additives that claim to eliminate some wear by depositing a film of lubricant on the bearings surfaces.

But none of this will pressurize and adjust the hydraulic valve lifters or positively separate bearing surfaces with pressurized oil like the Insta-Lube Pre lube system.

If this engine was protected with an Insta-Lube pre-lube kit the "Cold  Start" damage to the rod bearings and main bearings would never occur.  

Complete Kit Only $269.95

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